National Programs



The purpose of TAUGADETTA is to give encouragement and impetus to young aspiring artists as they pursue their artistic careers and to provide funds for scholarships.  The talents for TAUGADETTA shall be secured from the entire community, namely public and private schools, friends, relatives, YMCA, YWCA, etc.  The talent participation may consist of various arts, such as, dance, music, drama, literature, etc.  The age of the aspiring will be left to the discretion of the chapter. Age 30 is suggested as the maximum age.  The TAUGADETTA program shall be presented by all chapters during the fiscal year.


The TAUETTE CLUB,  sponsored by Tau Gamma Delta Sorority, Inc., is a nationally guided program for young girls enrolled in MIDDLE and HIGH SCHOOL. The club allows them to participate in a structured program designed to prepare them to meet the challenges of society and the demands of the future.


FOUNDERS’ DAY (Annual Event)
Founders’ Day is celebrated annually in the month of October. The purpose of Founders’ Day is to  celebrate our Founders and to spread the great news about TAU GAMMA DELTA SORORITY, INC. It is a reminder of the substantial role and legacy that “Our Pearls” had the foresight to envision and to bring to a reality.  It is a time to reflect and take pride in the many accomplishments since 1942 and to renew our commitment to be a powerful voice for all women, a strong advocate for educating our youth and a partner in our local communities.

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